The word “transition” means many different things, depending on the situation.  It’s a change from one career to the next. It’s part of the birth process that occurs just before meeting that fabulous new baby. It’s a shift in seasons, bringing different temperatures, foods, and clothing (at least here in Minnesota.)  With any transition in life, the individual experience is purely unique. Some may love the excitement of a new job, while others long for the familiarity of the old one. Many women find the emotional and physical characteristics of the end of labor incredibly intense, while others barely notice. For some, fall brings the joy of cozy sweaters, pumpkin-infused foods, and annual celebrations (Abbene Halloweenie anyone?), while others see it as a threat of winter, looming ahead.
     Regardless of the transition, it is important to honor it, to know that it is temporary, and to be present in it–taking note of the positive aspects, while acknowledging and working through the negative ones.
     At Enlightened Mama, we work with families during the life-altering journey of parenthood, from pre-conception and beyond. Each stage brings with it new transitions–from non-pregnant to pregnant, from 1st trimester to 3rd (each with its own physical and emotional traits), from pregnancy to birth, from expectant parent to parent, from newborn to infant to toddler (which one happens when?!). In every class, group, and workshop, we honor each unique transition, guiding families to do the same, as they tap into that instinctive mother/father wisdom–the stuff that doesn’t come from any book, blog, or website.
     As a mother of four children, I often get asked two questions:  1. Don’t you miss them as little babies? and 2. Aren’t you afraid of them being teenagers?  They answer to both questions is “NO!”  I loved them as babies and I plan to do the same as they grow up. I truly don’t ever long for them to be any age other than what they are right now. Of course, there are some tough things about having a 4 (and 8, 6, & 1)-year-old, but there are some pretty fabulous things about having a 4 (and 8, 6, & 1)-year-old.  It’s all a transition.  I honor it, I know it’s temporary, and I try my hardest to be present throughout my own unique journey of parenthood.
With love and gratitude, Liz Abbene
Our annual transition into costume for Abbene Halloweenie (Oct. 2011)