Community Aware Birthworker Training

It is with great honor that Enlightened Mama has passed the doula training torch! Please see the message below from Community Aware Birthworker trainers, Rhonda and Heather!

“We wanted to make an exciting announcement regarding doula training and programming. With great cooperative spirit we would like to announce Community Aware Birthworker (CAB) led by Rhonda Fellows and Heather Christine Struwe.

Liz and Enlightened Mama Doula Training transitioned last year to an independent training and certification program that no longer was connected to DONA. Mid-year the transition to new programming and leadership began with collaborative teaching amongst the three of us for two of the doula training cohorts and developing an independent certification process. Thank you to Liz for the foundation and legacy of Enlightened Mama during this time. In 2021, the transition continued with the development of new curriculum by Rhonda and Heather. Community Aware Birthworker just graduated their first cohort of NINE new birth doulas in June.
We are eager to continue to grow programming with CAB Bridge Events and Mentorship Program. Community Aware Birthworker is independent of both Enlightened Mama and DONA. We are excited to connect with you and continue to grow as a community of birthworkers.”
Enlightened Mama will continue to offer “Lactation, Feeding, and Craniosacral Birth Integration” with each doula training, open to all. 



Lactation, Feeding, and Craniosacral Birth Integration 

This course, taught by Liz Naylor, doula, educator, lactation consultant and craniosacral therapist, can be taken to meet the requirement for Enlightened Mama certification for birth and postpartum doulas or on its own for anyone looking to further their understanding of the powerful connection between feeding, pregnancy, and the birth experience. This 6-hour course is offered the day prior to the Birth Doula Workshop and is essential, as you’ll learn the skills necessary to help families establish lactation, get comfortable with breastfeeding/chestfeeding and gain confidence in supporting them through early days. We’ll use gentle hands-on craniosacral therapy techniques to help babies and parents transition together from life in the womb to life outside, begin the healing process of potential pregnancy and/or birth trauma, and work towards optimizing connection and bonding for the whole family.

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Community Aware Birthworker Bridge Connections

Always feeling like you need to:
A. Connect with your birth professional community?
B. Get advanced doula training or continuing education?
Then join CAB to do just that! Birthworker Bridge Connection events are held periodically, currently virtually via Zoom or in-person.

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