The families we are honored to support + the individuals we are fortunate to teach =

Enlightened Mama.

We are grateful for you all, and it seems that the feelings are mutual.

Thoughts on our lactation support

“So helpful! Kind and thoughtful. Highly recommend!”

“Saw Gigi for a lactation consultant. We had see two previous providers for possible tongue & lip tie and were told both times my son didn’t have it. She confirmed oral restriction in my baby and gave me referrals to a pediatric dentist who could help me. Her support improved things immediately and gave me tips to help my pain while nursing! The building is beautiful, home and peaceful. Everyone was so nice as well. Definitely will recommend!”

“Finally feel like there is hope in my breastfeeding journey after meeting with you. With a very difficult situation, it is great to have finally found someone willing to work with us and help find solutions even if all the regular answers haven’t worked. It feels great to know someone is willing to brainstorm new ideas and stand by us in order to keep trying till we find a solution. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

“I’m so happy that I scheduled a prenatal lactation consultation. I feel much more relaxed going into this birth and postpartum period feeling like I have a plan and strong team around me.”

“Liz was a lifesaver. I wish I had contacted her on day 1! Breastfeeding is actually enjoyable now! Above and beyond my wildest expectations.”

“Such a big help and loved that she did craniosacral too. I’d recommend Gigi to anyone!”

Thoughts on our Classes and Workshops

“What an informative, engaging, and awesome course on breastfeeding for doulas. Thank you, Liz!”

“Liz and Gigi were absolutely amazing. I attended three classes with her for four days (Intro To Childbirth, Breastfeeding and a DONA Birth Doula Workshop). They were so warm and welcoming and I left feeling so confident and excited. (Even made new friends!) Overall, you can tell how passionate they are about birth and breastfeeding that it made me so happy that I could learn from amazing people who love it just as much as myself. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thank you both so much!”

“Very helpful information!!! I appreciated that my partner and I were able to ask all of your questions about pumping. I always enjoy the organized approach of Enlightened Mama courses and the informational packets provided, as I reference them at home. Thank you!”

“I have just completed my Doula training with Liz (and Gigi!). It was thorough, entertaining, hands-on, inclusive, and life changing! I highly recommend the BF support, childbirth, and doula package.”

“I want to tell you how you helped me prepared for the unexpected. First, I was knowledgeable. Second, I was empowered to ask many questions and advocate for myself and my family. Third, I was able to make difficult decisions with confidence. Fourth, I know I made some decisions that were not the best, but I was able to forgive myself and stay focused on the present moment and the important job of making the best decision in the present. Finally, during the most most scary and painful moments of this entire experience I had my partner with me and he gave me the strength I needed when I felt the weakest using the principles and skills we learned in Lamaze class. Thank you!”