Birth. We meditate about it, dream about it, fear it, plan for it, learn about it. We think of it as being the end, the culmination of pregnancy, the grand finale, the big day. However, birth is not the end–it’s the beginning. It is the beginning of snuggles, laughter, tears, frustration, unconditional love, and truly knowing the joys (and struggles) of being a mother or father.
When I began my journey as a birth professional, I was very focused on the birth. As a doula and a Lamaze childbirth educator, most of my work was on the prenatal side of things, with the birth being the end. However, I soon realized that families needed education and support even more after their babies arrived. I expanded my knowledge base, class offerings, and my work as Enlightened Mama to include the critical and vulnerable postpartum time.
Now, with the physical expansion of Enlightened Mama, it’s time to add even more! Your journey of parenthood doesn’t end once your newborn isn’t so new anymore, and we want you to feel that there continues to be a place for you and your family at Enlightened Mama. I am thrilled to offer several new classes, workshops, and bodywork that supports families and children long beyond the birth. I’m confident that you’ll find something that meets your needs!
With love and gratitude, Liz Abbene