Sex after baby.  It is one of the more exciting topics in rotation at our weekly New Mama group.  Typically, sex is what got us to mamahood in the first place (and even when alternative methods are used, it’s still an integral part in relationships),

Photo by Emily Rumsey

and most new mamas find themselves grappling with the ins and outs…um…I mean, inner workings…shoot…logistics of how to incorporate sex back into the postpartum period.  Many moms feel there just isn’t enough of her to go around, since her baby is maxing out her touch allowance for the day.  Her partner’s touch is one she still adores, but she can easily find herself preferring her physical freedom once the baby is asleep and detached from her body.  Partners can also be hesitant and unsure of how to approach the mama most often out of respect to ensure that it’s done in a gentle, kind way.  Honestly, it’s a very complex topic with many layers unique to each couple.  Given the complexity of sex, what are some good, basic tips for most couples? First, and foremost, a sense of humor and adventure. Get creative! Heck, one-third of Swedish couples have sex while their infant is in their bed!  Maybe you don’t feel like literally rocking the boat while your babe is asleep next to you, so that’s when the true creativity kicks in – explore the tub, floor, or kitchen. Why not?!  Sometimes we just need to lighten the mood. Read 18 Sexy Pearls of Twitter Wisdom From Dr. Ruth.  I dare you not to laugh while reading these tweets. As with all things parenting, there is no right or wrong.  What worked for you pre-baby may still keep your sex life strong after baby.  If not, remember to be honest with yourself and your partner and continue to communicate.  It’s what will keep all the many facets of your relationship alive.  

Join us at this week’s Mamas Groups as we chat about this HOT topic!

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