The University of Minnesota School of Public Health published new research in the American Journal of Public Health this week showing that “doula support may improve birth outcomes for low-income women; and state Medicaid programs offering coverage for birth doulas could potentially save taxpayer dollars.” Read this amazing synopsis of the research and a fantastic video of the lead researcher speaking about her work.

This is perfect timing, as the MN Better Birth Coalition has set the foundation for a new doula bill to be introduced in Minnesota requiring Medicaid mamas have doula care covered. Visit MN Better Birth Coalition’s Facebook to find out more information about the bill and how you can help
make it happen.

It warms our Enlightened Mama doula hearts to continue to see phenomenal research showing the benefits of doula care.  Help us continue to spread the doula love by sharing this research and calling your legislators to help make this bill happen. If you’ve got more questions about what a doula is and what a doula does check out The Childbirth Collective and this incredible documentary made by our own photographer Emily Rumsey.

To put it simply: do it with a doula.