This past weekend at our Groove and Grow class, we had a wonderful discussion on activities to do with our little ones.  It seems that winter is slowly making its exit, but until then, we need to stay active and continue to stimulate our babies (or children) brains.  So, here is a list of things to do!!


  • Lots to do at Enlightened Mama—mamas groups, all age Groove and Grow class, MamaBaby boot camp, infant massage, and much more.  Check out the MamaBaby Unlimited Pass and try them all!!! (Look under “Services” then “Groups” to purchase!

    Check out the awesome artwork from Groove and Grow!

    Check out the awesome artwork from Groove and Grow!

  • Como Zoo—take a walk through the greenhouse

  • Minnesota Zoo—they also have the warm greenhouse (babies love to nap there), but the aquarium is very stimulating

  • MOA—Underwater Adventures and a walk through the mall

  • Kiddywampus—St. Louis Park—there is small room you can rent by the hour that has many fun toys you can play with.

  • Hennepin County and St. Paul Libraries are teaming up with McPhail Music and have free classes at the libraries (but, sign up because they fill fast).  There are free baby, toddler and preschool story times—and even some in different languages.  Check out their websites.

  • Go on a walk outside.  Check out this article on the folks in Sweden—babies napping outside!

  • Malls—head there before the stores open for a quieter stroll (especially awesome for babies like mine that like to wake very early in the morning)

  • Check out your local school district—many places have “open gym” times.   They have large motor supplies (bikes, balls, etc) to play with so our little ones can get moving!!

  • Rainbow Play Systems—Located across from REI off Lyndale/494 is their showroom with around 20 play sets with swings, slides, etc.  The babies love to swing and older children love the slides, swings and climbing equipment.  It is free on Wednesdays and a small fee on other days of the week.  It feels very “spring-like” inside.

  • Skyzone Trampoline Park has toddler mornings a few days a week.

What are your favorite places to play with your babies and little ones?  We have mamas and caregivers all over the twin cities areas.  Please share your thoughts and ideas near your house or some of your favorite spots!!