Summer is here and, for many, that means travel! Whether by car or by air, traveling with little ones can be quite the adventure. However, it doesn’t need to be a disastrous one. Here are some tips to make travel with babies and toddlers a little easier.


1. Snacks
Make sure to pack plenty of snacks for your trips. My family and I have found that providing snacks our son doesn’t normally get (like lollipops or fruit snacks) keeps him entertained and content for extended periods of time.

2. Nurse (or bottle-feed) at Takeoff and Landing
If you are traveling by air, nursing (or bottle-feeding) at takeoff and landing will help ease the discomfort of the elevation changes during flight. As an added bonus, many babies fall asleep after eating. If your baby does fall asleep after eating, enjoy the rest period! Traveling with a toddler? Try a lollipop! Baby not interested in eating? Try a pacifier!

3. New Toys
Pick up some new toys just for your adventure. They don’t need to be expensive. A few inexpensive new finds will help keep your child entertained while in the car or at the airport. I’ve found that the Dollar Store has great little toys for little ones! Check out some new books at the library. Have an iPad? Now might be the time to let your little one have some screen time! Add some age-appropriate and educational apps for your toddler to navigate. Like the snacks, the iPad can be a special treat that keeps little ones entertained for hours!

4. Be Patient
Many times during travel, your patience will be tested. After all, how many toddlers do you know that just love to sit still for extended periods of time? Travel can be frustrating for little ones who just want to move. Remember to be patient and calm. They are learning how to travel from you!

What are some things that have helped you when traveling with little ones? Share your expertise below!