Parenting has been life-changing, to say the very least. Over the last 2 years, I’ve learned more about myself, others, and body functions than I ever thought possible. I’ve learned more about love and selflessness. To say that becoming a parent has made me a better person is a total understatement.

However, as I enter into parenting a toddler, I can’t help but laugh at myself most days. There are sentences coming out of my mouth that scare me. Most of them sound exactly like things my parents said to me when I was a kid. Others, I just can’t imagine anyone saying. Ever. Here’s my top 5 things I never ever thought I would say.

1. No, I will not eat your booger. (In response to “taste it, mama!”)

2. You can touch your own boobs, but we don’t touch other people’s boobs.

3. Please don’t eat the ants.

4. Water is wet, so we are wet when we get out of the pool. (In response to “mama! I too wet!” after getting out of the pool)

5. Just put a little breastmilk on it!

Your turn!! What have you said that’s surprised you??