by Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan, Advanced Trained SourcePoint Therapy Practitioner, Birth Doula, and Yoga Teacher


Many people ask me what SourcePoint Therapy is…and what it feels like. The simplest reply is to come in and try it yourself.

A longer response is that, just like when you build a house, you work from a blueprint to make sure the foundation is sturdy, and the windows and doorways in their proper places with structural support in place, so too does the human body. Quite simply we are born into health. It is our birthright, and what our bodies and systems seek. SourcePoint Therapy works with the blueprint for human health, which is best defined by the principles of Order, Balance, Harmony, and Flow. This simple, exquisite modality works to strengthen your connection to the blueprint for human health and remove primary blockages that obstruct the flow of health in your body and system.

What can you expect when you come in for a session? And what doeSourcePointTherapys it feel like? You are fully clothed and will lie on a massage table. We work with points on and off the human body to orientate the body toward health, self-healing, and hope. SourcePoint Therapy assists in shifting the person’s personal stories toward a foundation for health where their fullest potential for a human being can be actualized and realized. Ultimately a session feels deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. This deep sense of relaxation is also known as a healing state. In today’s day and age, many of us find ourselves in chronic stress and tension, by learning to release this sensation the flow of the blueprint for human health is able to do what it longs to do, heal. SourcePoint Therapy is an energy medicine that also works at the structural level.

SourcePoint Therapy is not only supportive of all ages from newborn to kids, teens, parents, adults, athletes etc. but also to pregnant and postpartum moms. A pregnant mom quite literally has the unfolding of the blueprint for human health within her as she carries her child. It is also supportive of those seeking pregnancy, as it can aid in reducing stress.  Ultimately, SourcePoint Therapy does not treat conditions as much as it strengthens health and our connection to the blueprint for human health—and that is what does the transformation of healing  the conditions and symptoms in our bodies and systems. Yes, it is true you can build a house with out a blueprint, but it is a whole lot easier to build one with a blueprint.

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