Reality Check: We live in Minnesota. It’s going to be cold. And our children are going to need fresh air. It helps keep them healthy, and it helps keep cabin fever at bay. As an Arizona native, now Minnesota transplant, I am not a fan of being cold. Yes, the snow is beautiful; I love to stare at it from inside my warm house! Winter would be just fine if I could hibernate inside all season.


Unfortunately, my toddler has other plans. He is a cold-weather child through and through. Since he was born, he has loved being outside. Even in the coldest winter weather, he longs to be playing outside. The cold doesn’t bother him at all. In order to keep sanity in my household, I have learned how to bundle-up, and how to bundle-up my child, to spend just a few minutes outdoors each day. Since it can get fairly expensive to buy our wee-ones the cold weather gear they need, I have found a few ways to keep the cost down:

1. Just Between Friends Sales
These sales have been life-savers for me for all sorts of child-related goodies. For winter gear specifically, I have saved a bundle!! From boots to snowpants to coats, the Just Between Friends sales generally deliver high-quality products at super-low prices.

2. Costco
Of all places, I have found amazing quality snowpants and coats at Costco for low prices! I was a little leery at first, however the snowsuit we bought my son this year has been great. He stays warm and dry and happy!

3. Friends
Remember the post a few weeks back about building your village? Call on that village for winter goodies too!!

4. End-of-Season Sales
While it may be tough to judge what size your child is going to be the next season, you can find some amazing deals at stores like REI at the end-of-season. We bought my son a pair of high-quality gloves at REI last year for a fraction of the cost!

What are your money-saving tips for winter gear for the littles??